Speaker profile for Louise Rogerson: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Louise Rogerson

Company Name: Howz

Seminar Title: Future of Rehabilitation

About Louise Rogerson

Louise Rogerson is a physiotherapist with a special interest in neurology and older people.

Her work within the NHS, and out in the community on a private basis, allowed her to discover how little is known about early intervention for the ageing population and how much positive impact appropriate action can have in this area.

She left the NHS after working as a commissioner in Manchester, where she realised there was a lack of data about the wellbeing of older people and, therefore, little opportunity to deliver early interventions. Louise’s role as Chief Operating Officer at Howz allows her to influence individuals and NHS service planning, while still supporting patients and families.

She has worked closely with older people to develop Howz and to ensure the smart home monitoring system’s app and website suits their needs and gives them information that can help them stay well.

She believes passionately that routine is critical to wellbeing and, as a physiotherapist, that exercise is vital, both for general health and as part of a sustainable rehabilitation programme.