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Speaker profile for Kelly Perks-Bevington and Neil James: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Kelly Perks-Bevington and Neil James

Company Name: Care Preference

Seminar Title: Care - How to get it good!

During this talk Kelly will be discussing finding good care and how it changed her life. Kelly was stuck in a difficult situation at home and was relying heavily on friends and family. Since finding Care Preference Kelly has met many people in her previous
situation and wishes to help them seek good care. Neil will then talk around advocacy, housing issues and general support. Q&A to finish.

About Kelly Perks-Bevington and Neil James

Kelly Perks-Bevington is an entrepreneur and often talks in the media about anything from disability and relationships to parenting and care and support! Kelly works with media outlets and online to share her personal experiences and to help others in her situation. Kelly has also been very successful in business managing numerous companies operating in very male dominated and image conscious industries. Kelly is also the mother of a Two year old son and enjoys sharing her experience as a mother with a disability.

Neil James - In a previous career, Neil was a draughtsman, he enjoyed the office life but then decided to jump into something completely different supporting a young male adult with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Upon meeting him he was amazed at what he had achieved, he helped a lot of others in his position with guidance and support, commencing a project to enable others to focus on studies, careers and life ambitions, taking away the focus on care.

In 2008 Neil moved to the North West and Care Preference was born to support people with neuromuscular conditions to live independent lives as his experience had shown how much was truly possible.

Neil has enjoyed seeing Care Preference grow and his employees develop and grow too. With multiple registered managers, team leaders, development staff and front line carers all part of a project to secure independence and reach newer and higher goals.