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Ian Daniels

Ian Daniels

Honorary President, Colostomy UK
As Honorary President of Colostomy UK, the UK’s largest charity advocating for stoma patients (colostomies, ileostomies, urostomies). The impact of major surgery, changes to body image, form/function, affecting all aspects of work/life can be huge. Our support is about getting the balance back through demonstrating/supporting all aspects of care and improving access. As a Consultant Colorectal Surgeon (Bum & Bowel Doc) I take people through the journey of life-changing surgery. Through research, engagement, sport and social activities as well as “debunking myths, de-stigmatising stomas, demonstrating there are no boundaries” and raising the awareness of bowel disease, signs and symptoms, we are moving away rapidly from the #StomaStigma into a more open society where a stoma is no longer something to fear, but a step in treatment and no restriction on life. Through swimming, yoga, walking and sport, including our own Rugby League team #TeamColostomyUK we show there are no boundaries.