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Speaker profile for Dr Neil Bindemann: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Dr Neil Bindemann

Executive Director

Company Name: Primary care and Community Neurology Society, Community Therapists Network

Seminar Title: #Trauma – Living Through and Beyond

I was returning home, having attended the NHS England Elective Care Transformation programme on the neurosurgery pathway, in both a professional and personal capacity, that I suddenly began to understand and realise why the NHS is failing to offer patients access to a community rehabilitation service, following discharged from the hospital. This talk will offer both a professional and personal perspective on how a few relatively simple steps could transform the lives of so many people, who at present feel let down by the NHS.

About Dr Neil Bindemann

Dr Neil Bindemann trained in Immunology (BSc) and Neurobiology (PhD) and has a keen interest in the developing science of psychoneuroimmunology, especially in relation to the impact of trauma. Neil has been involved in stimulating and running various health professional education initiatives the Primary care and Community Neurology Society (P-CNS). Then in 2015, after a period of disturbing neurological symptoms, Neil was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour – pineocytoma. Since the neurosurgery, Neil has taken his experience to add ‘rocket fuel’ to his passion for supporting patient-professional communication/relationships to ultimately support quality of life and mental health. He has participated in the International Brain Tumour Associations Patient Advocacy World Summit in the US at the NIH, Bethesda and contributed in his professional capacity as Exec Director of the P-CNS and Community Therapists Network and as a person living through a brain tumour experience, to the NHS Elective Care (Neurosurgery Pathway), Transformation Programme.