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Speaker profile for Dr Hannah Barham-Brown: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Dr Hannah Barham-Brown

Doctor and Equality Advocate

Company Name: NHS & TGA Mobility

Seminar Title: Advocating for Change in Health, Education and Employment

Disabled people have a huge amount to offer; but sometimes it can seem that the rest of the world is taking a while to realise. Join Dr Hannah Barham-Brown, GP and Equality Advocate, and learn vital tools and tips for self-advocacy in Education, Employment and Healthcare.

About Dr Hannah Barham-Brown

Hannah Barham-Brown is a junior doctor, British Medical Association Council member, Speaker, and gender and disability equality campaigner.
Before Medicine, she graduated from Durham University with a BA Hons in Combined Arts, and from Northumbria University with a BSc Hons in Paediatric Nursing. She is an Ambassador for TGA Mobility, of disability charity ‘My AFK’, and gynaecological cancer charity, ‘The Eve Appeal’. Hannah regularly works with national and local media, and has given two TEDx talks on the need for diversity in the NHS, and being a #RollModel. In 2019, she stood as a Council and EU Parliamentary Candidate for the Women’s Equality Party, and travels the country giving talks on a variety of subjects. She campaigns for equitable access to employment, travel, and healthcare.
Hannah was named on the Shaw Trust’s 2018 and 2019 ‘Power Lists’ – making her one of the 100 most Influential Disabled People in the UK.