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Speaker profile for Cristel Guzman: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Cristel Guzman

Company Name: Optivus Limited

Seminar Title: Inside the mind of parent to a special child

Rarely we hear the journey and struggles of parents to a child with disability. Our Love and care for our child is often overlooked, sacrifices made by parents are kept to themselves. It is time for them to be heard to be look after too; acknowledging them as individuals as they matters too.

About Cristel Guzman

Cristel Guzman had massive change in her life when her first-born childsuffered from stroke. From a child full of dreams to a wheelchair dependent. The struggles she face as mother and as care giver had altered her passion to better the perception of the society to parenthood as care giver and journey of the family to disability. She started by building a clothing line known as Optivus, a street wear adaptive clothing line fully dedicated to people with disabilities, optimising once existence through easy put on clothes and fashion
independence. She is now currently building warriors, support group and a platform to empower fellow parents who had the same journey to better of themselves and to enlighten potentials to what they can achieve as parents and caregivers.