Speaker profile for Claire Salisbury: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Claire Salisbury

Company Name: Claire Salisbury Physiotherapy

Seminar Title: Virtual Reality as a tool in neurorehabilitation

Virtual Reality (VR) is changing the face of neurorehabilitation. This seminar will explore the role that VR has, and the latest evidence-based practice, in the rehabilitation of neurological conditions from the acute phase through to long term self-management. The MindMotion GO will be used as an example of VR alongside actual cases. It will include discussions on the implications VR has on shaping future rehabilitation in the private and NHS arenas.

About Claire Salisbury

Claire Salisbury is a neuro-physiotherapist with 19 years clinical experience. She has experience working across the NHS and private sector. Claire’s previous roles include working as the Principal Therapist for Trauma and NeuroTrauma at a Major Trauma Centre as well working at a spinal cord injury rehabilitation unit and a neurorehabilitation centre. Claire has been involved in the rehabilitation of patients from the acute wards through to the community. She has completed post graduate studies including an MSc Rehabilitation and is passionate at pushing the boundaries of neurorehabilitation using virtual reality.

Claire also acts as a physiotherapy expert witness for neurological conditions and currently works part time as a Rehabilitation Co-ordinator for a law firm to help ensure clients receive the optimum rehabilitation.