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Speaker profile for Carrie-Ann Lightley, Lucy Wood and Sophie Carrigill: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Carrie-Ann Lightley, Lucy Wood and Sophie Carrigill

Company Name: AccessAble

Seminar Title: Accessible Travel: The Reality

What do a travel blogger, an inclusion advocate and a Paralympian have in common? They all love to travel! Join Carrie-Ann, Lucy and Sophie as they discuss the reality of travel for wheelchair users, sharing their tips and answering common accessible travel questions asked by a wide range of disabled people. Tired of all the planning that comes with accessible travel? They’ll demonstrate some game-changing technology that’s helping to support spontaneous, accessible UK holidays, trips and days out.

About Carrie-Ann Lightley, Lucy Wood and Sophie Carrigill

Carrie-Ann Lightley is an acclaimed Travel Blogger and also Marketing Manager at national disability organisation AccessAble. She’s a wheelchair user who loves to travel and a well-respected figure within the tourism industry. Carrie Ann’s Blog has become a firm favourite with her followers and led her to write for the Guardian, HuffPost and TripAdvisor, as well as many other websites, magazines and industry publications.

Lucy Wood is a Disability & Inclusion Advocate, self-proclaimed ‘Four Wheeled Wonder Woman’ and Marketing Coordinator at national disability organisation AccessAble. Lucy is a keen explorer in all aspects of life, and loves daytrips, activities, and visits both home and abroad with family and friends, encouraging other disabled people to do the same. This has led to her being included in podcasts and media work surrounding disability.

Sophie Carrigill is a 1.0 point British wheelchair basketball player who represented Great Britain at the 2014 Women''s World Wheelchair Basketball Championship in Toronto and the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. She’s now in training for the Tokyo Paralympic Games later this year. Sophie is an avid traveller both for her career and personal pleasure, and an Ambassador for AccessAble.