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Abdi Omar

Abdi Omar

Founder, Director, CEO, Abdi Enterprises

I have with a disability called Cerebral palsy. I am a Motivational speaker over ten years. I live in London, UK.
At the age of Four, I moved to the UK from Somalia. Being disabled in a third world country feels like you are a second-class citizen, and the future is not bright at all.

I can't speak normally so I use a communication aid - I am very grateful for this because it gave me a voice.

There are millions of people with disabilities around the world that are dreaming for opportunity to get what I have. Therefore since 2012 I have been using my voice to inspire & motivate people. I created a YouTube channel which quickly became popular, gaining over 3.5k subscribers.

I have overcome many barriers that a young person with a disability could face but I decided to never use my disability as an excuse to give up. I use my disability as my biggest motivation to achieve the impossible. I love to overcome the odds and change people’s perceptions about disability.

Some people might throw in the towel and be destroyed but I love the challenge and I always give all I have. I strongly believe that I can, and I will overcome in every barrier; Giving up will never be an option for me.

I strongly believe that you are only disabled if you believe it. I love being a person that young people can look up to and it drives me to be better and do more in my life. From 2018 I started working in special need schools around London. I am an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) mentor. I give unique advice to students so they can improve things in their life. I speak to professionals who work with people with a disability across the UK.

I am heavily involved within the Somali community and on 28th August 2014, I was recognised and awarded by Number 10 Downing Street for my work within the Somali community.

I am very glad to say on 30th September 2020, I achieved something I thought I would never be able to; I was invited to speak to 200 students, who do not have a disability. At that moment, I knew there was no limit to what I could achieve.

Why limit yourself when actually, you are limitless?

I certainly am.

I will always keep setting goals and challenging myself. My dream would be to be the first disabled Ambassador of the United Nations so I can help as many disabled people as possible.

I’d love to inspire & motivate at least one billion people during my lifetime.