Speaker profile for Melanie Sturman: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Melanie Sturman

Company Name: Norfolk County Council

Seminar Title: Supporting Individuals with dementia from sit to stand.

This session will show a range of practical tips and techniques to support an individual diagnosed with dementia how to transfer from sitting to standing position. Tips will range from verbal prompts, use of equipment and specialised chairs, small moving and handling assistive equipment.

About Melanie Sturman

Melanie Sturman is a Registered General Nurse specialising in Moving and Handling for nearly 20 years. Melanie graduated with a MSc in Back Care Management in 2008 and now specialises in Falls Management, Dementia Care, Plus size handling and single assist care. Melanie currently works as a strategic lead for Norfolk County Council and is a guest lecturer on the Occupational Therapist BSc and MSc courses at the University of East Anglia. Melanie has written many articles for Column, Care Home Environment and Journal of Nursing and Residential care and is co-author of the Handling of People 6th Edition. Melanie is a member of the Loughborough Alumni Patient handling research group. Melanie is a regular presenter at national and international conferences and presented her research at the Moving and Handling Association of New Zealand (Auckland), Australian Association of Moving and Handling Practitioners (Melbourne) and Internal Panel of Patient Handling Ergonomists (Phoenix).