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Speaker profile for Gigi Etienne: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Gigi Etienne

Company Name: what3words

Seminar Title: what3words and accessibility: never get lost finding the entrance

Addresses are not designed for voice input and simply not good enough. When entering an address, pins often drop in the middle/back of the building, which isn’t helpful when trying to find the right entrance. This issue becomes a real problem for people with disabilities who might struggle unnecessarily to find the right entrance for them. what3words is being used by venues to solve this issue and make their venues easily accessible by everyone. Join us to find out how they’re doing it and how you can too!

About Gigi Etienne

Gigi is responsible for the mobility and accessibility partnerships at what3words. She works with partners ranging from taxi apps to big venues helping maximise their use of what3words for accessibility.
what3words is a simpler way to talk about location. Every 3m square has a unique 3 word combinations. Venues can now say exactly where their accessible entrance is with a precision of 3 meters and simplicity or 3 words. Users can then also set their destination in a ride-hailing or navigation app as the accessible entrance 3 word address.