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Speaker profile for Daniel Vong: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Daniel Vong

Company Name: BAWACANE (S) SDN BHD

Seminar Title: Data Empowering Blind Lives: Our BAWA Cane Story

In a world where we rely on our other senses apart from sight, we use technology to give your loved ones a reason to get out there and live life to the fullest!

This seminar explores the speaker's journey into assistive technology, the opportunities in assistive technologies, and the impact of data collected and analysed towards a future of inclusive, connected, independent living.

About Daniel Vong

Daniel Vong is a Bachelor of Engineering (Robotics and Mechatronics) (Honours) and Bachelor of Computer Science graduate on a mission to empower persons with disabilities. He participated in many global competitions and hackathons ranging from HydroContest–a contest to build the fastest, most energy efficient boat–to Microsoft Imagine Cup–a global technology competition. He was the Engineering Lead of Microsoft Student Partners Malaysia FY15-17.

After a heart-breaking event where his grandmother lost her sight, together with his sister, Stella, they bring you a smart cane for the blind–BAWA Cane–an IoT device that clips onto existing white cane to reduce head-level and fall accidents. BAWA Cane helps blind and visually impaired gain confidence, mobility freedom, and independence.