Naidex 2020

9th - 10th Nov 2020
NEC, Birmingham


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Little People UK

Little People UK promotes positivity for people with dwarfism of all ages, from babies and new families, to senior citizens and their families. Providing positive support to our members encourages them to achieve their aims in life, and be fully diverse members of society, leading happy, fulfilled lives. We encourage our members to share their stories, showing a true reflection of being a person with dwarfism. We support and encourage members throughout any issues, positive or negative, to empower them to continue forwards and become successful in the way they choose. Little People UK is collaborative effort, lead by a committee of 12 and one member of staff; all working together to support people with dwarfism, around the UK. All funding received is from kind donations and fundraising efforts of our members and supporters. Our main national event is the Annual Convention, each year increasing in number. This event brings together people with dwarfism, along with their families and friends, for both social and medical purposes. Providing a social environment which may not be possible to most as part of their everyday life, for people who may not see another person with dwarfism it gives them the opportunity to speak to other people in similar positions, or who have gone through similar experiences. The convention also provides a medical environment allowing people to speak with specialist medical professionals, who can offer information not available in local surgeries and hospitals. We feel it is important for people with dwarfism to meet regularly, with friends who have the same/similar condition, along with their families. This can be a life changing experience, as some people with dwarfism will not see another person with dwarfism in their ‘everyday life’ or maybe their whole life. Meeting others in a similar position allows the formation of long lasting, unique friendships and growth of an emotionally and socially supportive network, to ensure in times of need, members know there is someone there. Little People UK can be contacted via email: phone: 07925 893398
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