Legs 4 Africa

Legs4Africa is a unique Bristol based charity that supports some of the most disadvantaged amputees in the world. In short, they collect prosthetic legs from all over the UK, dismantle them into components, and ship them to Africa to get people walking again.

In the UK prosthetic limbs can not be re-used or recycled. So, they make the most of this loophole and send them over to countries that can re-use them. Legs4Africa give discarded legs a new lease of life and individuals in the developing world the chance to re-gain their independence, confidence and mobility.

They collect legs from NHS hospitals and individuals across the world who no longer have a need for them. These legs are then taken to local ‘Men’s sheds’ where they are dismantled into parts by kind, retired gentlemen. Once sorted, these parts are taken to our store room in central Bristol and then shipped to Africa. We can usually fit enough parts for around 250 legs in one shipment.

Since 2014 Legs4Africa have sent enough parts to build or repair over 4,000 prosthetic legs.

For more information head to www.legs4africa.org or email us at hello@legs4africa.org

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