Naidex 2020

15th - 16th September 2021
NEC, Birmingham

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News & Press Releases

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  • Self-employed people make up 18% the country’s disabled workforce, and this is for a variety of reasons, including having the opportunity to fully show your potential. Choosing the right tech for your startup lays the foundations for an effective and successful business...

  • Our way of life is veering towards utilising technology to solve problems that simply didn’t exist this time last year. We already knew it of course, but now more than ever, technology matters.   
  • Paraplegic author Brian Abram is publishing a series of hilarious children’s books about the adventures of a wheelchair-using grandad and his grandson. Based on his own experiences with his grandson, each story will tell the reader a little bit about what it is like to use a wheelchair.  But more importantly, the stories will make the reader laugh out loud at the silly things Grandad Wheels and grandson Charlie get up to! 
  • According to the relevant regulations, most electric wheelchairs do not meet the air transportation standards. This means that when purchasing an electric wheelchair, you need to know the relevant regulations. What is the air transportation standard of electric wheelchair with lithium battery? 
  • Christmas should be a time of joy and laughter. So it’s sad that it can easily turn into a seasonal stress bom. Here’s a quick guide to help put the sparkle back into your celebrations. 
  • In the world, we come across many disabilities or limiting factors that can affect someone’s life. However, we often see how emerging technology and equipment has helped people take control of their own lives too, but how can we apply this to someone’s learning?

  • The short, dark days and cold temperatures of the winter months can do a lot more than just raise your heating bill. Studies have found that winter weather can have drastic effects on your body and mind. Here are just a few of the ways in which winter affects people around the world. 

  • The Stove Guard from Finnish company Innohome, is a device that works out when the temperature of cooking is too high and potentially hazardous, and turns off the source of ignition. It is designed to support the all-important daily activity of cooking, enabling older people and those with physical and cognitive difficulties to remain safe and independent at home.