Accessibility and Inclusion - The Future of the Built Environment

Accessibility is still an issue in 2018. Lack of inclusion in the built environment comes as a challenge to a great deal more than you’d think - 13.3 million people approximately. In light of this, Naidex - Europe’s leading disability event - has decided to address the issue in a bid for positive change. This year, Naidex will be introducing the Home, Design & Build Summit - an area of the show dedicated to the exploration of accessibility in the built environment. Industry leading experts will be delivering seminars looking at today’s situation and finding the solutions of tomorrow. Here is a look at some of the topics that will be covered at this year’s Naidex… 

The New Look of Inclusion 

A new wave of inclusive architects have emerged to change the way people perceive accessibility. Inclusive Home founder Vaila Morrison will explain how and why accessible designs need to be promoted more within home design media, so that both people with and without disabilities can understand the need for inclusive homes. Elaine Hollerhead the founder of DESIGNATE will explain how architects and designers are looking to combine functionality, safety and inspirational concepts to make homes more attractive to potential buyers, increasing both well-being and property value in her seminar at Naidex.

Technology taking over Accessibility

Smarthomes are becoming more prominent and are a great tool of independence for people with disabilities. Macro Level Smarthome’s founder, James Kinsman, will explore in his seminar the advances in commercial smarthome technology, and the ways in which it can be used to assist in gaining independence, by integrating standard consumer equipment as opposed to requiring expensive custom designed “accessible” hardware. Technology in the built environment’s benefits also span to the healthcare sector. Sensory Guru is a virtual and augmented reality brand renowned for creating technology that is redefining the boundary between the virtual and physical worlds. Its CEO, Lee Blemings, will be uncovering the advantages that these emerging technologies can have for people with ASD and dementia, living in residential settings. 


Naidex will once again bring over 12,000 visitors from all over Europe together for the 44th time, on the 25th & 26th April, at the NEC Birmingham. Providing educational insight into future trends in accessible designs, world-class speakers, product demonstrations, 1-2-1 advice, networking opportunities and new interactive features, Naidex will showcase the future of the built environment.