CBD is the Ultimate Wellness Trend. But What Exactly is It?

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You have probably heard this three-letter (CBD) phrase somewhere in your day to day life, whether it's on the news, chatting with a friend or even when at the hairdressers. Maybe you have already tried it, or thought about trying it but, but what exactly is it?

CBD is a compound (known as a cannabinoid) found in the hemp, a sub-species of cannabis, and it's effects are wellness related; eliciting no "high". Unlike it's better known relative THC, CBD has no mind-altering effects and instead is linked with several therapeutic benefits. Early pre-clinical research is now starting to paint a positive picture of historical, anecdotal consumer reports.

In the UK, CBD has existed in the shadows through small niche outlets and online until around the middle of last year. The spike in popularity can be attributed to both the high profile cases of Billy Caldwell, suffering from a rare form of epilepsy and his treatment by cannabis-based medicines, in addition to the UK legalisation of medicinal cannabis in November 2018.  

CBD is in Its Infancy 

However, with the CBD industry being so new, there isn't currently any direct rules or regulations governing the industry in the UK thus far. The public has little knowledge of how to differentiate a high-quality CBD product from a dud, leading to a whole spectrum of experiences.

Unfortunately, the existing CBD market as we know it can be confusing, opaque, and often lacks reliable information for making an informed decision about what to purchase. The compound itself is everywhere, but as with any emerging high-growth industry, ambiguity breeds bad actors.

Many CBD products on sale today don't have source traceability, nor have been put through robust quality control processes to measure CBD content and for the presence of contaminants, which is a recipe for terrible customer experiences. 

The UK Centre for Medical Cannabis released a report in July 2019, outlining that 50% of their tested CBD products contained less than half of the advertised CBD content. The prevalence of these low-quality products is creating terrible user experiences and resulting in a negative feedback loop, which is hard to break once consumer perceptions about CBD have been formed.

Finding High-quality CBD Oil 

As consumers, to avoid falling foul of these products, there are a few simple checks you can carry out to ensure you are buying high quality and safe CBD oil.

Firstly, it's important to note that as CBD is extracted from a plant, the content of the plant naturally varies from batch to batch. 

To ensure consistency, reliable brands will have products lab tested by an independent third party. These tests are at a batch level for cannabinoid content and contaminants, ensuring the product contains CBD and does not contain contaminants or controlled substances.

A contaminants report will look for the presence of heavy metals and biological agents, ensuring the end-product does not contain harmful compounds. 

These tests might sound peculiar, but they are essential and are usually displayed on the brands' website, for potential customers to review and check. By only purchasing products which have gone through these rigorous checks, you avoid any issues with product quality and alleviate any concerns around safety.

More generally, it's vital to improve consumer education in the UK about CBD, debunk commonly held stereotypes and myths through open-source knowledge sharing, and publicising related quality assurance data, including third-party product batch analysis certificates and details of supply chains.

Nature & Bloom 

At Nature & Bloom we aim to challenge the status quo through complete transparency on product source, and content, with a guarantee that every single unit is third-party tested at the batch level to ensure it contains precisely what it should. 

As the sector is in its infancy, consumers have a variety of questions, which we are finding are consistent. To assist, we are developing a CBD knowledge bank through informative blogging, citing research studies in the sector, and ensuring information is distributed openly to improve awareness. 

To learn more about how CBD can help you, visit our stand, N314 at Naidex and check out our website!

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