The Eyes Can Speak A Thousand Words, And More…

Jonathan Bryan has just released his first book at the young age of 12. In itself, that is an incredible feat, but Jonathan’s age is not the most amazing part of this story. 

The young author was born with severe cerebral palsy, he cannot speak, however that does not make him unable to communicate. Indeed, with the use of a spelling board, Jonathan has used his eyes to express himself. 

In his memoir Eye Can Write: A memoir of a child’s silent soul emerging, Jonathan describes his experience about being unable to communicate his bright soul to the world. Yet, through perseverance and tremendous effort, the young writer has been able to offer a “voice for the voiceless”. 

And his work hasn’t gone unnoticed, War Horse author Michael Mopurgo has expressed his admiration for Jonathan’s work, praising the young man’s fight to find his voice. Mopurgo also wrote the foreword of Jonathan’s book, and, as his favourite author, that meant the world to him.

Chantal Bryan, Jonathan’s mother, proudly accompanied her son throughout his journey to write his first book. She reveals that even through poor health, the young man continued to work on the novel. She adds that Jonathan felt like he was speaking up for people who hadn’t yet found their voice. 

Now behind the Teach Us Too charity, Jonathan is campaigning for the better education of children like him. Once more trying to give a voice to those don’t have one.

More of Jonathan’s work can be found on his website