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TGA Launches Auto-folding Minimo Mobility Scooter For Easy Transportation

The Minimo range of folding compact scooters from TGA are first choice for end users seeking the ultimate in comfort, safety and transportability. When launched the original Minimo represented a significant breakthrough in car boot scooter design with a superior driving experience that was unsurpassed in its class. It was instrumental in establishing a trend towards smaller folding scooters that could be stored in limited space but were suitable for wider travel. However, the TGA Minimo still retained a quality ride despite a lightweight chassis; a combination that has been a challenge for other manufacturers.

The Minimo Plus and Minimo Plus 4 were subsequently introduced to provide greater choice to end users and an enhanced driving experience. Now with the introduction of the new Minimo Autofold, TGA can provide an automatic folding option that benefits users with reduced mobility.

The 4mph Minimo Autofold incorporates a powered mechanism which eliminates the need for manual folding. When the scooter needs to be stored or transported, the user can touch a single button to activate the folding mechanism. This provides maximum convenience and reduces the need for bending – hence users can lower the risk of muscle or back strain. Once folded the Minimo Autofold can be lifted into a car boot without the need for any components to be dismantled. Alternatively if preferred, the seat can be removed for even easier lifting. It provides the opportunity to accompany users when travelling on buses, coaches and planes through full compliance with many transport operators. On arrival at all destinations owners have the convenience of using a familiar scooter whilst eliminating the need to hire a product.   

The Minimo Autofold provides safety and stability through a traditional 4-wheel configuration and pneumatic tyres. This means when turning or tackling uneven surfaces, users feel assured and able to drive with total control – this scooter only requires a turning circle of 90cm. As the front wheels are positioned further apart, extra leg room is provided so owners with conditions such as Arthritis can position themselves without restriction. In a more relaxed and natural seated positon, drivers can be less fatigued over longer distances and hence remain more alert to other road users. The 24v battery delivers an approximate range of up to 10 miles (16km) and can be easily removed for off-board charging on arrival or at home.

The new Minimo Autofold from TGA will be launched nationwide this September. In terms of lifestyle impact, it provides greater options for users to access buses, trains and planes. Its automatic folding mechanism provides a significant advantage for people with restricted mobility – enhanced by compatibility with car boot hoists. This provides the opportunity for true independent journeys and a more positive travel experience. 

The ability to fold the scooter into a compact shape is also a major benefit in terms of storage at home - especially as properties become smaller. It can easily be stored in cupboards or in communal areas without causing an obstruction – perfect for inner city apartments or warden controlled buildings.

The Minimo Autofold is rare in its class as it has a traditional 4-wheel configuration, lightweight batteries and a generous floorwell. This means drivers can stretch out and achieve their most relaxed, personalised driving position for maximum comfort.

As with all TGA scooters the Minimo Autofold will deliver trustworthy performance through engineering excellence and reliable technology. It is an assured solution for independence locally and further afield with quality components for long term value and peace of mind.