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SmartCRUTCH - The Freedom to Move

SmartCRUTCH first met Jamie at NAIDEX 2017.

His enthusiasm for life and adventure excited us and so we asked him to test-drive the SmartCRUTCH pushing it to its limits - that is exactly what he did.

Publishing his article titled “My Honest SmartCRUTCH Review” on his website and blog. He told it as it is and didn’t hold back - pointing out all the pro’s and cons of the product which is exactly what we wanted.

As many of our users report back to us, the comfort and the flexibility of the product is amazing and for many has improved their quality of life.

As Jamie pointed out “Crutches are really designed for a short period of time. Crutches are not designed to take your full weight. The main idea is to assist with balance not to replace it.”

With the SmartCRUTCH, Jamie went on to say... “Everyday use they are great. The elbow support is strong, smooth and padded so you don’t get the issue with snagging and most of the support is through the elbow other than the wrist. The hand grip is a soft comfortable rubber that has plenty of give.”

“The adjustable elbow support means that once they are at a 90 degree angle you are completely supported through your elbow, not your wrist while your forearm is held firm and secure. This does however take some getting used to.”

“Even though they are fully adjustable you don’t get the clinking as they are a good fit and well-built.”

But with being a fan of adventure, Jamie wanted to find out how much support he could get from the SmartCRUTCH and focussed on the ferrules (feet).

“To me the magic is in the feet. Being flexible, they offer a constant platform and grip to the ground... as a result shopping is a lot easier and I feel much more secure.” 

But he didn’t stop there - he challenged them to a game of Squash and took them out of their comfort zone.

“Squash is an active sport and one I enjoy. It keeps me fit and healthy but I used to fall over a lot as the floor is a slippery surface. My normal NHS crutches didn’t offer me a good solid platform to lean into.”

“The SmartCRUTCH has really improved this area and is a massive assistance on court. The look is stylish, comfort is amazing and over-all usability is awesome.” 

Taking them off road had a few issues, as they did have trouble on damp grass and loose dusty surfaces, however on slightly rocky areas he found it easier and saw an area for improvement...in his words “...it would not be difficult to adapt them to be a fantastic all rounder - it would all be in the feet.”

His verdict of SmartCRUTCH... “ I have definitely pushed and tested them... I am very

impressed. I think they still have so much more to give and really look forward to the future of this product. Well Done SmartCRUTCH - Now lets talk off-road.”

Well Jamie, we loved your review and we have accepted your challenge... for Naidex 2019 we will have an exciting new addition to be used with our SmartCRUTCH.


You can read Jamie’s full article on http://seenobounds.co.uk/2017/07/11/my-honest-smartcrutch-review/