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Meet Sara….

Sara Holjević is 8 years old, lives in Karlovac and has cerebral palsy. She can not walk or talk but communicates. Using a speech generating device mounted by Rehadapt, Sara greatly improves communication with her surrounding environment, can clearly express her feelings, needs and desires, i order to learn, answer questions and play games. This fall she is starting the first grade of school and we believe that our mounting solution will be a great help in learning and mastering the program, and the successful establishment of communication in her new environment.

Meet Simon…

Kennedy Films has announced that the London Screenwriters’ Festival has presented Simon Fitzmaurice, writer and director of My Name is Emily, with a lifetime achievement award. 

Commenting on the award, Fitzmaurice said: The London Screenwriters’ Festival was a real eye-opener for me. If you have ever been you will understand. I discovered a thriving screenwriter’s community and a festival that is more like a main-line injection of writing motivation. I literally came away buzzing with the will to write. I recommend it like any new addict, a little reluctantly to share. I was lucky enough to be honoured with The Fucking Awesome Award (how my children loved saying that over and over…) and the experience certainly lived up to the title.

We are glad to see our Rehadapt mount helping people to excel themselves. It is our dedication to create great products with passion to help people to live their passions as well.

See the original article or take a look around.

New Products:

Our goal is to design the best products for our customers. As an example, the new Monty 3D base coupler will allow you to quickly dismantle the mount for transport without unscrewing a single bolt. The new tablestand, the TS-GO, can quickly be unfolded and set up on a table. When folded down, it is so compact that it can be taken anywhere.

These and more new products can be found here

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