Jeffrey's New Gift

Jeffrey was walking in the hotel lobby and remembered the time when he was in another hotel lobby and felt confused. Jeffrey is blind, deaf and mute and recalled how he suddenly needed desperately to use a restroom. He did not know where the bathroom was, and being blind meant he could not search for it. He was now smiling as he was clutching his new electronic cane for the blind - the eCane. He clicked "00" on the top knob of the eCane signifying he needed a restroom and the eCane guided him to the male restroom.

As Jeffrey was coming out of the restroom, he used the mobile phone feature in the eCane to text "thank you" to his wife, who bought him the device as a gift for his birthday. He was happy to get her response via the eCane that vibrated in Morse code, saying "you are welcome my love".Jeffrey thought with compassion about those blind and blind-deaf who still don't have an eCane, a device that would enable them to connect to the Internet and be part of the rest of the population. That small addition of the new patented technology mounted on the regular cane for the deaf would make a major difference in most of these people's lives. Jeffrey is waiting eagerly to the new promised update of the eCane that will also allow him to do by himself all banking procedures, pay directly from his eCane and receive money through it too. But even as it stood now, Jeffrey is informed by his eCane regarding simple things such as when there is lightening and thunder, or rain starting to pour, and realizes that there is life out there he didn't realize before. He blessed the eCane developer, feeling grateful that there are people in the world who used their time to enable people like himself to feel reborn into this new world, and blessed his wife for this wonderful gift.His thoughts were interrupted when the eCane started to vibrate , telling him that a young girl asked her bigger brother walking next to her, what was the green light on the cane Jeffrey was holding. Jeffrey thought to himself how technology has come a long way, and again his thoughts were interrupted when the eCane informed him that his wife was coming over to him from the other side of the lobby of the hotel they were staying. "I am a lucky guy" he thought, as he smiled.

The eCane is a product of Signtel, Inc. that has been in existence for 20 years. Signtel hired over 100 deaf employees as assistant developers to incorporate their daily experiences on the developed products. Those innovative and patented technologies include the Telephone for the Deaf, The Inclusive Emergency Alert System or the anticipated market introduction of the TV for the Blind and Deaf. Signtel and its president Dr. Liebermann who were nominated for the 2020 Technology of the Year Award by Naidex, continue to develop unique technologies encompassing artificial intelligence that will change the lives of many blind, deaf, and blind and deaf individuals.

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