New Emojis Are Coming Soon - and They‘re More Inclusive Than Ever!

As society moves forward, it’s becoming more and more important to embrace diversity. Businesses and brands who ignore the power of inclusion and expression, even when it comes to a simple text message, do so at their own peril.

With 15% of the world’s population experiencing some form of disability, and over 90% of the world’s online population using emojis, bringing diversity to the popular icons is not a trivial matter. In fact, disability-themed emojis are a way for people with disabilities to be better represented, recognised and included. 

On the 17th of July, on World Emoji Day, Apple unveiled a selection of new emojis that will be coming to their devices later this year, providing users with a twist on the base icons. The brand new emojis focus on disabilities and include an ear with a hearing aid, a guide dog, wheelchairs, prosthetics and much more. 

While the emojis are not a comprehensive list of all possible depictions of disabilities, they provide an initial starting point for greater representation and diversity within the emoji universe. The latest icons were already accepted by the Unicode Consortium, an non-profit organisation in charge of approving new emoji characters, and are expected to be available later this Autumn. 

The new range of emojis will be available on all iOS, iPadOS, MacOS and WatchOS products, so everyone with an Apple device will be able to use them by the end of 2019.  

And if you’re an Android user, fear not, as the brand has also provided a look at a selection of designs they’re aiming to launch in order to better represent disabled people.

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