Toilet Tech To Deliver Dignity And Reduce Dependence

Shower toilets use water to wash you after using the restroom.  You may have seen a bidet in your travels, particularly in Europe, as they are very common in most parts of the world outside the United Kingdom.  You've also probably seen a bidet if you've traveled to Asia as well - as they're sometimes referred to as a Japanese toilet or Washlet.  

This bidet seat or shower toilet is recommended for elderly patients and those with disabilities, mobility problems or with medical conditions, muscular or spinal disorders or other neurological conditions.  Requiring only the simple touch of large format buttons to control the washing and drying functions clients from all over Australia now have greater independence, renewed dignity and self-esteem because they no longer rely on a carer for the most "intimate" of personal tasks.  Almost everyone can tend to their own toileting whether in hospital, hostel, nursing home or their own home; a thorough, gentle warm wash and dry with no reaching or touching needed.

"Having IBS has been a monkey on my back(side). The bidet seat has given me a new take on my post-movement lifestyle. The toilet is often an excruciating exercise for me, but the bidet seat provides a comfortable refreshing finish to the ordeal. While the shower toilet seat doesn't cure IBS, it makes living with IBS much, much more comfortable and bearable. I can't imagine another day with IBS without it"

 - Amy Eccles

So many people can now enjoy renewed dignity without the embarrassment of relying on others for help.


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