Discover The Revolutionary Safety Features Of The Latest Mobility Scooter To Take The Industry By St

Personal safety and the safety of others should be your number one priority during your search for the ideal mobility scooter. For peace of mind and to avoid casualties, call outs and a lack of confidence, you need a mobility scooter you can rely on.

UK Distributor to more than 450 Retail showrooms, Electric Mobility incorporates safety as a priority into the Research & Development stages. Their unique mobility scooter the Vecta Sport was designed by in-house specialists to bring you the perfect 8 mph performance scooter. Key scooter features combat major customer concerns regarding safety - such as control - are worth considering ahead of purchasing a mobility scooter.

The Limited Slip Differential Gearbox found on the Vecta Sport keeps the driver in control. It stops you being stuck in more challenging situations such as wet inclines or slippery surfaces, it transmits power to the wheel that has the best grip rather than the powering the wheel which is struggling, so you can drive through the difficult patch with relative ease. This enhances safety, reliability and performance which should put elderly or potentially frail users mind at rest. In potentially life threatening situations it could stop you from sliding into a road or pedestrian area.

The Vecta Sport has RunOn run flat tyres which allow users to continue riding the scooter for at least a full charge in the event of a puncture, allowing you to return the scooter home avoiding costly call outs or being left stranded and potentially unsafe.

The USB charging point means you are never without mobile phone charge or this can be used for GPS services to keep you from getting lost on longer journeys. With a range of up to 27 miles the Vecta Sport takes you further to experience more.

It is important to be confident in your decision making and purchase products where safety is at the forefront from design to delivery. When the scooter launched in 2017, Jonathan Hearth, Electric Mobility’s Managing Director said “We have been working on this technology for the past three years and have exclusively launched this compact 8mph performance scooter into the market to meet the consumer’s priorities for safety and independence.”

Mobility scooters are powerful machines, ensure you are purchasing the best model for you and keep in control by doing your own research and asking for advice on how to handle a mobility scooter, many Retailers offer scooter proficiency and basic training courses locally.

Naidex is the perfect opportunity to get a range of opinions and guidance from industry experts. Test drive the Vecta Sport at Naidex 2019 on stand N12102




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