Meet The Fully Automated Intelligent Nursing Assistant


Going to the toilet is an essential but very personal daily living task. Where possible, everyone would choose to maintain independence, privacy and dignity, though when mobility is difficult or we are unable to carry out these tasks without aid, it is a great comfort to know there are other options available.

From the view of a person struggling with these issues it can often be embarrassing when these incidents happen, especially as it can be something totally out of their control which can leave them feeling very low. Carers then need to undertake the time consuming task of cleaning the patient and the area. This can be difficult when they have many tasks to complete but want to provide all the comfort and assistance possible, the situation is heart-breaking for all.

Having watched family, friends and professional staff cope, it was becoming more evident that a solution to support carers was necessary in professional and personal environments. Care-Bed was designed to assist in reducing such pressures and to give back the dignity and independence which everybody deserves.

Care-Bed, which is an intelligent nursing assistant, is a fully automatic excretion system, which allows urination and excretion in the comfort of a person’s own bed. This takes away the need to call for assistance or wait periods of time for help to come, freeing up nurses and carers to carry out other tasks with the additional benefit that neither the person or staff are at risk with manual handling or unnecessary movement.

Care-bed is currently in use in various hospitals and homes globally and our client feedback has given us much encouragement that our product is serving its duty and alleviating that little bit of added stress that comes with illness, disability or lack of mobility.

Immediate Benefits:


• patient / client Independence, privacy and dignity

• reduction in patient / client manual handling

• reduction in unnecessary movement of patient / client

• reduced hours dealing with toilet needs in hospital or homes

• increase in productivity in other areas due to increased staffing availability

• reduction in consumables to clean and remove urine and defecation

• saving on consumable costs

• reduced risk of contamination due to reduced handling of excretions

• reduced odour due to filtration system removing odour from system