How My Mum Having A Stroke Inspired Me To Start Up My Own Business

At the age of 34 my mum had a stroke and lost the use of her left-hand side. Fortunately, after years of physiotherapy and determination, she was able to walk again but never regained the use of her left hand and arm. 

I was six years old when this happened, and my younger brother was four and six months old. I remember the products mum would buy to help her with the small tasks around the house like dressing herself or cutting food. She hated these clinical products and the feel of the cold, hard plastic. She would use them and then hide them away, embarrassed that anyone might see them.

As I grew up, I always had a love and passion for making and building things and always dreamed of being an inventor. Whilst growing older I fixed and altered things around the house to help my mum complete tasks with ease. This then lead to me studying product design at Ulster University, the first class I truly thrived in. 

In my first year we got the chance to choose our own project and I started to develop Ezi-Sock. A product that allows you to put on your socks in a seating position without needing to bend down.

In my second year of university I did a part time business course. Enhancing my understanding of running a business encouraged me to complete further market research. Ezi-Sock started off as a product designed only for individuals with a stroke. However, after completing thorough market research and focus groups, it is now a product that can help so many people live a more independent life.

Fast-forward two years and Ezi-Sock is ready to launch. What makes the product unique is that it is made from soft, comfortable materials with built in technology to help you put your socks on without difficulty. It is flexible, portable and specifically designed for one-handed use.

We are so excited to team up with Usel to manufacture our product. Usel is an incredible Northern Irish company whom only hire individuals with a disability or a health-related condition. We teamed up with Usel as our company ethos aligned as we both provide independence and ability to those who have a disability. 

At McAnallen our dream and goal are to design luxurious disability aids that you’re proud to have around your home, helping individuals live an independent day to day life. This dream starts with our first product of the Ezi-Range, the Ezi-Sock. 

Be sure to come to our stand N6180 for the launch of Ezi-Sock!

Get in touch: www.mcanallen.com07724556612

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