Let’s talk about Cancer on World Cancer Day 

It’s World Cancer Day on 4th February, and Naidex is celebrating the absolutely HUGE gains cancer research has made fighting this disease in recent years.

Did you know that if you got cancer in 1975 you were more likely to die than survive? Now, across all cancers, there is close to a 70% rate of survival - and some, like breast cancer are closer to 90%! 

Of course, survival rates are improve dramatically with early detection! As well as checking yourself regularly, there are there are other ways you can help protect yourself against cancer! 

So here is our top Naidex tips for beating cancer: 

1. Check yourself regularly

Early detection saves lives! Studies show that cancer caught in the early stages has a survival rate that is nearly three times as high, so there really is no excuse not to check (or get someone else to check you) regularly. 

2.  Give up smoking

Smoking just 5 cigarettes a day increases your likelihood of getting lung cancer to a staggerin 25%! If you can ditch the cigarettes, you put yourself in a much better position to prevent yourself getting cancer. 

3. Eat a high fibre diet

Eating a diet which is high in fibre can reduce your risk of getting colorectal cancer - so start chowing down on those whole grains, broccoli, carrots and sweetcorn!

4. Lower your alcohol intake!

It may surprise you to know that a significant correlation has been found between alcohol consumption and cancer. Of course, you can still indulge a little, but drinking in moderation will help lower your risk of cancer when compared to a binge! So maybe just stick to that one gin and tonic! 

5. Get active! 

Being active has a huge number of benefits for your physical and mental health, so it should come as no surprise that people who exercise regularly also see lower rates of cancer.

Sometimes, when you have a disability, getting active can feel like a challenge, but there are plenty of people on hand to ensure whatever your abilities. At Naidex you can check out our Live Sports Arena to find out more and get involved!

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