Success Stories from Bio Bidet

Occupational Therapist Vicki from Norfolk had two clients with different toileting needs: a lady with MS and a man affected by thalidomide impairments, and was able to solve both of their needs using the Bio Bidet electronic bidet toilet seat, at a significantly lower cost than the alternative all-in-one bidet toilet.

The lady with MS was on the transfer list so not eligible for a grant to purchase an all-in-one toilet bidet, but the Bio Bidet proved far more affordable. With a move to another property likely soon, the ability to remove the Bio Bidet and take it with her when she moved clinched the selection of the Bio Bidet with the head of department when Vicki needed authorisation to make the purchase.

Vicki’s client with MS required a high level toilet pan to aid wheelchair transfers and the Bio Bidet fitted on top of the compatible pan without any issues. Vicki’s concerns that the lady, who only had use of one arm, would be unable to operate the Bio Bidet controls proved unfounded when the client positioned the large movable remote control beside the loo, within easy reach. Similarly, Vicky found that her client with thalidomide impairments was able to position the remote control on the ground and operate the large buttons with his feet resulting in a wash that was in his words “wonderful”. 

The Bio Bidet has revolutionised the provision of toileting needs for clients of Occupational Therapists. It is quick to install by a qualified plumber/electrician, often provided by the equipment stores. The Bio Bidet helps Social Service budgets go further, helping many more people for the price of one alternative all-in-one toilet bidet. Bio Bidet continues help Occupational Therapists create success stories.