First UK airport sensory room opens at Gatwick

As part of a new dedicated area to passengers requiring special assistance, Gatwick Airport has opened the very first sensory room within an UK airport.

There’s no doubt that time spent at an airport can be stressful. The new sensory room, located in the airport’s North Terminal, has been designed to offer a relaxing and interactive environment. It aims to calm passengers with autism, cognitive impairment and other special needs that may feel overwhelmed in a busy unfamiliar surrounding.

The sensory room has two different zones: a chill-out zone, complete with floor cushions, bean bags and digital display panels, and an interactive zone, with audiovisual tactile panels, a variety of textures and interactive games to improve memory and motor skills. Passengers and their families or carers can book a 45 minute session in the special assistance desk located after security.

A room like this can very well be a decisive point between someone actually boarding on a plane or not. It is an wonderful facility that is sure to improve the overall airport experience for these passengers, and a step towards making travelling more inclusive.