Saddle Chairs - A Step Towards More Independent Living


A saddle chair can be of great help in rehabilitation, enabling independent life, and increasing self-efficacy. Sitting in a saddle chair is a way to add rehabilitative exercises into one’s everyday life. It can be especially beneficial at home as a replacement of a wheelchair, when the condition allows. Salli Saddle Chair is suitable for anyone who has enough activity in the lower limbs to shift themselves onto a saddle chair, and use their core muscles to the extent that they can sit independently with a minimum support.

Sitting on a saddle chair makes moving around easier, and sitting higher not only feels more comfortable but also makes interactions feel better when, instead of sitting low in a wheelchair, a person reaches the height level of standing people. And on a higher position cooking and doing household chores become a lot easier.

A wheelchair places huge challenges on circulation; one of them being sitting on the soft tissues for the whole day, whereas on an anatomically designed saddle chair the circulation does not get disturbed. Additionally, muscles such as hip flexors, typically tighten while sitting on a wheelchair, which is relieved on a saddle sitting. This sitting position also has other advantages. Breathing is deeper in the upright position guaranteeing enough circulation to the head and helps avoid fatigue and headaches. Saddle seats with a gap increase sensations in the genital area, as the circulation is not blocked. This may result into the prevention or rehabilitation of certain symptoms such as incontinence. In addition, the spine is in its neutral position, and maintaining the upright position rapidly strengthens the core muscles and decreases back pain.

Salli Saddle Chairs can be equipped with large bases for extra stability, or castors that lock when the chair is not loaded; that makes sitting down on it safer and easier. Several accessories are also available, e.g. the Allround, providing support at the back or on the side of the chair. The Elbow Rest model supports elbows in the front of the chair. The Elbow Table, which is attached to the chair, makes eating, reading and working on a laptop very easy, it also supports hands when watching TV.