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The Naidex Webisode Series provides online informative sessions that will allow you to get advice, education and training on the most current challenges you're facing.

The series brings you bite-sized live sessions of 15-20 minutes from industry-experts. We package together to provide solutions and answer key questions, in just a few hours.

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Hand and distal upper limb training within a gamification framework to enhance client engagement and adherence for home-based rehabilitation.

The WHO has identified very low adherence to therapy, plus huge unmet rehabilitation need. Meanwhile, evidence increasingly suggests that gamification can drive adherence through enhanced flow experience and greater engagement. This webinar will discuss gamification within the context of rehab and demonstrate how it may improve client engagement and adherence to home programmes. Objective grip strength testing and grip strength as a biomarker will also be discussed.


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Safer driving on England’s motorways

England's motorways are amongst the safest roads in the world, but the prospect of breaking down can be scary. 

We’ll be sharing our advice on breaking down and journey planning, as well as answering questions sent in by the Naidex community.

Topics include:

• Feel safer and more in control when you drive
• Discover important safety tips and how to prevent a breakdown
• Find out about how to contact Highways England to plan your journey, or if you’ve broken down

Hosted by: Stephen Dent, Driving Mobility Board Member, Driving Mobility

With his vast knowledge and experience in the Mobility Sector, Steve provides valuable guidance and support to the Driving Mobility Board of Trustees. He’s also an Associate Tutor at the University of Chester and has gained his Masters in Leadership and Management in the Mobility Sector. More recently, Steve joined the CIECA Education Topical Group, where he’s helping to inform future testing standards for disabled drivers.


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Naidex Virtual's first webisode, Room to Improve: Independence in the Home is now available to watch on demand.

Room to Improve: Independence in the Home

COVID-19 has shed light on the need for accessibility in the home and, with the Government launching a public consultation on raising home accessibility standards, it's clear there is still a lot to be done. Join us for an in-depth look at:

  • Home adaptations
  • Accessibility standards
  • Technology-enabled solutions
  • Additional support and resources  



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