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TerrainHopper - created for adventure, freedom, independence, opportunity and excitement.
TerrainHopper, a British company based in Lincolnshire, designs and make all terrain vehicles for on/off road use. TerrainHopper is a class 3 mobility vehicle for people with disabilities. The state of the art suspension system helps those with spinal injuries, nerve damage, arthritis, MS and many other conditions, to go off road without being jarred around. It gives freedom to access the countryside, the beach, and wide open spaces. It allows family and friends to share memorable times in the hills and dales. It bestows independence and adventure in pursuit of your hobbies and past times. The independent suspension along with authentic 4-wheel drive capability enables the user to travail difficult terrain with remarkable comfort. All our products have ground clearance of at least 240mm. This makes traversing through deep mud, DRY sand, snow, undergrowth, rocks and loose surfaces easy.

Our product range can be operated by children and adults (joystick or throttle control) who have disabilities like, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, MND, Paraplegia etc. Looking cool and being safe in a TerrainHopper, you can now go where you want; on the beach, fishing, filming, walking and much more with your family without having to stay behind.

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