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Specialist wheelchair stair climbers and mobility devices.

With over 70 years` experience in the material handling industry, Stanley is well placed to provide specialist mobility stair climber solutions to wheelchair users.
Our range of innovative products not only improve user independence but deliver a dignified and sustainable solution for the person to be transported up and down stairs with minimal effort.

Wheelchair stair climbers


The Tolo is a comfortable battery-powered wheelchair unit, which enables users to ascend and descend the majority of staircases including spiral, winding and straight stairs as well as door thresholds. Easy to use and versatile, the powered wheelchair will become your partner for overcoming your stair climbing needs.

Its unique drive system allows the user to operate the machine in confined spaces. The seat is fully equipped with foldable armrests, headrest and adjustable footrest to optimise user comfort.

A trained individual is required during the stair climbing process, which is a straightforward task, completed at the touch of a button. The sophisticated braking function allows for stopping on the stairs safely and securely at any point.

What`s more, Stanley provide bespoke attachments to suit your specific needs, ensuring a viable mobility solution for you.


The Jolly is a mobile stair climber which allows the user to travel up and down the stairs in the comfort of their own wheelchair. Designed to overcome almost all types of staircases, it is compatible with electric chairs, wheelchairs with tilting or movable backrests and even pushchairs.

Installation is not required, therefore once attached to the wheelchair, a trained operator manoeuvres the Jolly to transport the user up and down stairs through a smooth tracking motion.

The unique design will keep the user at a level position on the stairs, instilling confidence and trust at all times.

It is easily folded down into two separate pieces to fit into the boot of car or ambulance for ease of transportation. For heavier weight capacities the Jolly can be fitted with a strong metallic ramp or large base plate.

Power yourself with NuDrive

NuDrive is the innovative lever-drive propulsion accessory for manual wheelchairs, providing more mobility for users whilst improving physical well-being.

With NuDrive you don`t need to propel your chair by gripping the wheel rims by hand; instead, you can propel yourself forwards, backwards, manoeuvre and brake, simply by pushing the levers.

The `Snap-Lock` technology allows each of the wheel adaptor levers to be fitted in seconds, without altering your current wheel configurations. Once in place, the lightweight design adds no width to your chair and can be left unobtrusively positioned on the wheel.

Steep hills and slopes can be tackled without assistance. Operating at a 50% increased efficiency compared to traditional wheelchair steering, the NuDrive Air not only improves user independence but promotes a healthier lifestyle - ultimately the technology changes the way people live. Moreover, the users` hands are protected from dirt and the need to wear gloves is eliminated.


Stanley`s training team provide after-sales advice to ensure that our customers have full confidence when using the stair climbers.

What`s more each of our machines are covered by our extensive 24-month parts warranty.

View the wheelchair stair climbers in action on our website or on our YouTube channel.

For more information about our mobility solutions contact sales@stanleyhandling.co.uk or call 0800 298 2980.

For press enquiries contact marketing@stanleyhandling.co.uk

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