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Exhibitor Name: Osborne Technologies Ltd
Stand Number: N782

Osborne Technologies is one of UK's leading technology solutions provider within the education and care sector. They provide a range of interactive products, such as interactive floors and sensory and immersive spaces. We are excited to showcase the latest products in our range, including:

SenEgg - our new self-contained sensory haven provides mobile, individual immersive experiences. Designed with maximum versatility in mind, SenEgg can be used in public spaces, education, health care and even the home, offering a safe, controlled sanctuary within any existing space.

WizeFloor - an award-winning interactive floor. It is designed to promote learning through play and physical activity. WizeFloor projects a vast collection of games and activities on to the floor and makes them interactive using camera tracking technology.

Funtronic - an interactive projection system, which can be used on various surfaces, including floors, tables and even walls. Funtronic projects collaborative multimedia content and allows participants to interact with the surface using their hands, feet and other objects, such as toys and gym equipment.

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