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Exhibitor Name: Lazarillo
Stand Number: N275

Lazarillo FREE app for orientation and mapping platform for venues.

Lazarillo created a platform to map places and add indoor or outdoor navigation, this connects to the LazarilloApp that sends regular audio messages providing guidance about how to navigate their surroundings, with an accessible interface for visually impaired users. This allows the user to safely navigate spaces on his/her own, improving the accessibility of the venue. The venue owner can also connect his or third party apps to the platform for
other use cases such as contextual marketing. LazarilloApp works worldwide using also
open map databases providing navigation in the city and connected with transportation services, such as UBER.

We had already make institutions more accessible with our technology, we had worked with Museums, Banks, hospitals and Educational centers as universities, there we provide contextual navigation resources,

This allow that people with disabilities access relevant contextual information, such as the accessible routes, services or even classrooms in Universities, cashiers or experience a guided tour in a museum.
These features of LazarilloApp allow users to discover new characteristics of places they use daily or they can move independently, in places that they visit for the first time. It is also possible to map specific spaces for short periods, such as fairs or events, offering complete experiences for all types of audiences

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