Exhibitor Name: ProBed Medical Technologies Inc.
Stand Number: N818

The Freedom Bed - designed and built by ProBed Medical Technologies Inc.

Located on the west coast of Canada, ProBed Medical Technologies Inc., has been building various models of the Freedom Bed for over 20 years. Shipped around the world, Freedom Beds are available in three sizes - standard length, extended length and a recently introduced bariatric model. The unique three-part mechanical lateral rotation system, an integral part of each model, ensures safe, smooth, accurate and quiet rotation to a maximum of 30 degrees, both left and right, with dwell times in each of the three positions, left, right and centre, from one minute to four hours. The Freedom Bed is equipped with a three-part articulated mattress, that mimics the movement of the platform below. Freedom Bed users sleep through the night, turning more frequently than on any other sleep surface,ensuring the highest level of protection from costly and painful problems associated with immobility including, but not limited to, pressure injuries and pneumonia. Medical interventions and medical costs are sharply reduced while the user's quality of life is significantly improved. customer satisfaction is exceptionally high as can been on our website - www.pro-bed.com

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