Exhibitor Name: EDUCAT
Stand Number: N712

EDUCAT is an European project which aims to develop Assistive Technology using ICT in an innovative bottom-up approach, already involving the end-users during the design phase. This co-creation method will result in better and widely accepted products for the end-users, and shorten the time to market for companies using this approach and the tools developed by the EDUCAT project. In order to allow and support the co-creation process, we developed an e-platform, called iTCH (www.letsitch.eu ).

EDUCAT aims to promote independence and improve quality of life, for people with motor impairment and neurological disorders by improving the driving skills of the user, by providing driving assistance according with the user`s needs, by improving the prescription of assistive technology, by informing the on-going adaptation of that technology to meet changing user needs and increase the success rate for the long term provision of assistive technology.

The new Assistive Technologies developed will be able to adapt their assistance to the user`s needs and give feedback to users in response to their needs. The expected benefits are improvement in user independence and quality of life, cost and time savings for companies (for developing technologies) and hospitals (for care) as well as a higher efficiency of use of the technology.

Come and learn more about the international platform to co-create the technology for a better health! You will also have the opportunity to discover the technology developed in the project and learn more about the project achievements.

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