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AUN Action for Change

Stand: N411
We provide compact cushion lift "LIFTY" preventing lower back pain as main product. AUN (Action for UNiversal design) is a brand providing "functioning fashion items". All products are not only comfort stylish but also serve as health care and/or nursing items. Because the nursing function is embedded in each stylish product, one is happy to select and use the item without a feeling of aversion or antipathy. "LIFTY" is a cute cushion with a function of transfer aid. You can easily transfer patient not by muscular force but by your weight due to principle of leverage. "Lift-assist Jeans" and "Lift-assist Chino" are comfortable pants with a function of transfer aid same as LIFTY. "Plus-pad Jeans" and "Plus-pad chino" are soft pants with shock absorber which reduces the risk of proximal femur fracture. "Rainbeads" are stylish shirts with surprising pater repellent performance. And you can find more products at our booth.


Uchio 394-28
Minami-ku, Okayama-shi
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