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19th - 20th March 2025
NEC, Birmingham

CPD Member 

Jon Thaxton

Jon Thaxton

Former British and European Boxing Champion and Cofounder of Able2B, Able2B

Former Professional Sportsman
Personal Trainer
British Boxing Board of Control Certified Boxing Coach
Certificate in Instructing Health Related Exercise in Children
Level 2 Health Related Exercise for Children
Weight Management Centre Certificate for Children-safe exercise for overweight & obese
Motivational Speaker
Anti-bullying Campaigner
Co-founder Able2B

Experienced, motivational, one of a kind. These are just a few of the ways used to describe Jon Thaxton. Jon has many years of experience as a boxer, trainer, fitness advisor and motivational speaker, inspiring many to believe in and achieve their goals.

After Jon’s successful career as a professional boxer he has dedicated his time to training and supporting individuals in making themselves the best person they can be.

Since co-founding Able2B, this has being directed towards individuals with physical and learning disabilities. Jon considers all aspects of performance including physical strength, endurance, stability, sensation, self-confidence and nutrition achieving outcomes that go far and beyond what has been predicted by healthcare professionals, individuals and their carers.

On a personal level, having fought the likes of Ricky Hatton and achieving the European and British lightweight boxing titles in his 17-year career takes a lot more than just simple physical strength. Mental agility, self-belief and motivation were all critical in Jon’s ability to succeed in the sport. Being second-best was never an option, “I’ve always believed in aiming for the top, the determination to win pulses through my veins”

Jon feels that success comes to those who earn it, just wanting it is not enough. He is passionate about his work at Able2B and the success it is achieving.

“I love what I do now more than actually boxing. I love helping people! What a great feeling, to go home, drive home knowing you’ve made a difference to someone’s life!”