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Eyesynth, Smartglasses for the Blind

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"Every five seconds someone goes blind in the world. Every minute a child goes blind. It is estimated that every year over seven million people go blind" World Health Organization (WHO)

According to an estimation by the WHO (World Health Organization), there are about 250 million visually impaired people in the world. 36 million of those are blind, and 217 million have low vision. In Europe, there are 2.5 million who are completely blind, and 18.8 million with low vision.

It is a serious and growing problem, due to age and diabetes as the main causes.

Currently there is a paradoxical circumstance in the technological world: there are plenty of resources and techniques available, but that potential is far from being fully exploited to assist blind people. Antonio Quesada (CEO of Eyesynth) reached this conclusion after many discussions with a friend whose son is blind.

As a result, Antonio, with the collaboration of this father who wanted to improve his son's life, began to develop the Eyesynth project. Four years later, a consolidated team (Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Scientific and Business Development specialists) have developed the final stages for their Smartglasses for the blind people: Distribution, planned for late 2018.

Eyesynth is focused on the blind population and people with low vision. The company has designed Smartglasses for them.

Essentially, Eyesynth is an audiovisual system for the blind that has three key features: 1) The Unprecedented Level of Detail it offers 2) Ease-of- Use and 3) It is a Universal Product in terms of language.

Eyesynth is composed of special glasses with 3D cameras and software that convert spatial and visual information into understandable audio for blind people. These glasses make a 3D volumetric analysis of the scene and process the information, turning it into abstract sound, which provides nuances of position, size and shape. This audio signal is non-verbal, which makes the system immediately usable in any country. The method that is used to transmit the sound is not through regular headphones, but through cochlear headphones, transmitting the sound through the skull bone in a noninvasive way. This allows a clear ear canal, which improves the safety of the User, eliminating auditory fatigue and being much more hygienic for extended sessions.

The main difference with respect to other propositions is the amount of information and the details that the sound offers. Using the software algorithm (proprietary and registered), the glasses allow a level of identification that is unprecedented, and that allows to distinguish, for example, bottles and glasses on a table.

As a result of this use of information, Eyesynth is developing a neurological study (led by Dr. Belenguer and the Eresa Foundation) that analyses the new neural connections that are created between the hearing zones and the visual cortex. Once the brain is used to work with the system, the process is much more natural: It’s automated by the brain.

Since the use of the cane and guide dog, there hasn't been a technological mobility standard for the blind and visually impaired. Eyesynth has come to change this as part of its purpose to improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired global community through technologically innovative, user-friendly products.

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