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Improving the Accessibility of Sweden’s Leading Cities

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Tasked with improving the accessibility of buildings and outdoor spaces across some of Sweden’s major regions, Vasakronan, a leading property company approached All Access for assistance in achieving this.

Vasakronan is a leading property company in Sweden, responsible for buildings and properties in Sweden’s major regions; in this case Stockholm, Gothenburg and Uppsala. Vasakronan specialise in developing public and private sector buildings and areas: governmental sectors, retail, clinics, outdoor areas etc. All of which All Access were confident in auditing, assessing and providing best practice solutions to improve accessibility.

What did All Access do?

Auditing more than 150 properties for Vasakronan in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Uppsala, All Access decided the priority were the needs of 800 tenants using public areas surrounding these 150 properties.

All Access audited the spaces, considering how each building was used, their location and their age, which helped to form an action plan that suited the needs of Vasakronan and its residents.  All Access worked with Vaskronan and residents to raise the lowest level of accessibility amongst the five most challenging areas.

Cost estimation

No easy task, and without cutting corners, All Access helped Vasakronan estimate the cost for improving accessibility in and around all 150 buildings.  What All Access do is provide you with best solution to meet your needs.  This includes retrofitting or building from scratch; we have the abilities, experience, resources, knowledge and know-how to provide the best and most cost-effective solution.


Two of the main buildings All Access worked on included the Swedish Migration Agency and the Swedish Church; putting in contrasting stairs in the Swedish Church meant people with visual impairments were able to recognise and successfully negotiate a change in gradient and height, helping them navigate stairs with ease.

Also putting in sign boards helped direct people to different points of interest and tactile trails helped people warn people with visual impairments that they were approaching ramps and areas with a change in gradient and height, so they could navigate their way around the Swedish Church safely.

All Access have produced and installed tactile boards within buildings, public areas and transport stations; whilst aesthetically pleasing, they make navigation easy, not only for people with visual impairments, but for wheelchair users too, who can see approaching changes and asses the environment and the best way to navigate it.

How we do it

In addition to providing practical and required solutions, All Access have the skills and experience to continue developing innovative techniques and methods to improve these. 

Our latest developments give the end user a more immersive experience, as the tactile boards now allow the user to visually and through touch recognise changes in height and floor levels.

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