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March 2019


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Fish Insurance to Host Safety Assessment Track at Naidex

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This year’s Naidex will see Fish Insurance hosting their very own Mobility Scooter Safety Assessment Track. Visitors and trade professionals will be given the opportunity to test their safety skills and knowledge on a 64 sq. metre track, which will be available on the 25th and 26th April.

In addition to this, their friendly team of experts will be on hand at stand 5266 to answer any insurance queries. Partners from TPG Disabled Aids and motor scooter manufacturer, Kymco Healthcare, will also be present to give advice on scooter ownership. 

John Garrard, Fish Insurance’s Managing Director, spoke about the decision to create the assessment track for the show. He said: “As the leading providers of mobility scooter insurance, we see it as incumbent on us to help our customers wherever we can while also ensuring the safety of others too.

“Visitors to our specially designed track will be advised and guided by specialist assessors from TPG Disabled Aids on how they can minimise any potential risk.” 

Recent statistics from the Department of Transport have shown that the number of mobility scooter accidents is gradually increasing. In 2016 there were 260 incidents while in 2015 it was 222 and 2014 saw 209 incidents reported.

John added: “As an insurer we must always look to innovate, and we see the Fish Assessment Track as a great way of giving not just customers but our partners a thorough understanding of scooter ownership. Ultimately, we’d like to see a standard assessment introduced that we can adhere to. This would make scooter ownership much more safe and enjoyable, while reducing the number of incidents that could occur.”

This was a view supported by Alastair Gibbs of TPG Disabled Aids. “We’re partnering with Fish Insurance to drive home the message of responsible mobility scooter ownership and the moral obligation sellers undertake when supplying these important products to their customers.

“We firmly believe mobility scooter users should be adequately trained in not only the machine control elements, but also wider awareness of other people and hazards in their areas. With suitable training and appropriate insurance, we hope to raise the standard of responsible scooter ownership and allow users to benefit from the obvious advantages of staying independently mobile.”

Visitors to the assessment track can bring their own scooter or will be able to use equipment supplied by Kymco Healthcare, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high quality mobility scooters.

Nick Peel, Kymco Healthcare’s National Sales Manager added: “As a company we are always keen to see that our customers are safe and benefit greatly from mobility scooter ownership. We’re proud to partner with Fish Insurance and TPG to help raise the benchmark in responsible scooter ownership.”

You can find the Fish Mobility Scooter Safety Assessment Track at stand 5250. Anyone who takes the assessment will be entered into a draw to win a three-year Mobility Scooter Insurance and Breakdown policy as well as a unique Fish goodie bag.

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