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March 2019


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The Skoe Story

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Roughly 5 years ago my wife Kellie was diagnosed with MS and over the years I’ve seen her physical mobility decline. At the time of her diagnosis we had young children which made it difficult for Kellie to go shopping or on days out while using her mobility scooter.

As with any parent it can be difficult to manage young children when out, but with disability and mobility aids this was proving a nearly impossible task. We searched the internet for products that didn’t make her feel uncomfortable and which she liked but with very limited success.

I’m passionate about design myself with 18 years’ experience in designing products for kids with special needs so I thought would take matters into my own hands! I looked at a way that my wife could still independently take our children out but without the anxiety or stress trying to stop our children running loose and hanging off the mobility scooter.

I decided to design a desirable, clever, fun, solution that itted with everyday life for my family. I came up with a trailer for kids and it has had a huge impact on our family days out, holidays and everything in between. Its foldable and lightweight so it allows us to take it anywhere. My wife feels part of the family again rather than disabled and our children love it. It has been fantastic having them so involved.  Its design and bright colours also make it unique and brings some much needed fun to an item which normally is not considered all that fun.

The trailer has been such a hit that I am working on a few more useful and fun additions to the Skoe product portfolio. For more information see the Skoe website or Hitch a ride with us at Naidex, Stand 9089, we’d love to see you there.

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