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March 2019


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Innovations for the Future of Independent Living

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The future of sitting

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Employers want positive, creative employees with a lot of energy, few sick leaves and good results. One’s energy level depends a lot on the working position, and this is even more so if the work is mostly done sitting. A good posture has a major impact on our health, physique, energy and wellbeing. How you sit makes a big difference. If the office is truly ergonomic and health-conscious the productivity may be 1.5–3 times higher than it is in the traditional office. 

Most people spend a large part of the day sitting in the old-fashioned way, with 90 degree angles in the hips and knees. The back is rounded in the slouched position and the big back muscles are over-extended, which makes them weak. Sometime during our lives they will cause trouble. Back pain is, in addition to colds, the most common disease. 

However, on a two-part saddle chair that adapts to your movements you can sit in a balanced, vertical position and strengthen the back and leg muscles while sitting and working. The upper body "stands" the whole time, and the middle gap of the seat eliminates the harmful effects on the genitals, pelvic floor and inner pelvis.

Using saddle chairs and electrically adjustable tables the working environment can be optimized to create behavioural changes that benefit both individuals and companies. Time-efficient and energy-efficient! 

Move as often as you can 

A good posture is the basis of wellbeing, health and working efficiency. The best way to stay alert and avoid fatigue is to alternate between sitting and standing. Sit on a swinging, two-part saddle chair, and stand for short periods (10–30% of working time), but no more than 20 min at a time.

Exercise can be encouraged by the employer's support (e.g. providing bluetooth device, or allowing swimming or exercise time during work hours), computer-generated tips that are based on one’s metabolic condition, exercise equipment, and sometimes also by common exercises or organized classes.

Stretching mats, hanging bars, power boards, bean bags, gym balls, back stretching boards, and other equipment could be available for immediate use when the immobility begins to make one stiff and reduce brain activity.

By moving during the day as much as you can you take care of the overall metabolism, joint health, circulation, lymph flow, and also keep your energy level high.

Find out more on stand 3182 at Naidex. 

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