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The Government’s Plan to Get One Million Disabled People into Employment

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Out of the 32 million citizens working in the UK, only 600,000 of them have some form of disability. That’s not a particularly high number considering there are 13 million disabled people living in the UK. On top of that figure, seven million disabled people at working age are still unemployed and are living in poverty. 

Over the recent years, the Government have been accused of waging a war on disabled people; so in an attempt to clean up their act, the Prime Minister has announced plans to get a million more disabled people into employment within the next ten years. 

Theresa May is promising to provide high-quality training for work coaches which will support people with mental health conditions, this will be achieved by May widening the “fit note” certification. 

"The path a person has to follow in life and in work should never be controlled by their disability or health condition,” said Theresa May. 

“Everyone should have the chance to pursue the career that’s right for them.

“I want to eliminate the injustices that disabled people have to face when looking for employment. Everyone has the right to explore their talent and follow a career path they are passionate about. 

“We are determined to rid society of the stigmas surrounding disabled people, as we understand the benefits employment can have on people’s health and happiness.”

The Government has faced a lot of criticism from the United Nations for failing to support the rights of disabled people. 

Since a court discovered some disabled people were offered inadequate support to meet their needs, the Department for Work and Pensions announced their new guidelines for Personal Independent Payment (PIP).

Austerity policies and the “bedroom tax” have also negatively impacted on disabled people according to vast amount of charities. 

The Conservatives have also faced a backlash in previous years for implementing policies that favour people that are able to work, whilst making life difficult for those who can’t. 

To help increase the number of disabled people in employment, the Government have decided to launch some new research schemes which will be based in the West Midlands and Sheffield. These research schemes will include more than 11,000 people. 

The evidence they gather will be used to help improve services for people with a disability, and will support them through the stages of finding and keeping a job. 

Around £39m is also going towards the NHS programme in order to double the number of their employment advisors who treat people with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. 

"We've mapped out a 10-year strategy to end this injustice for good,” said Work and Pensions Secretary David Gauke. 

“Bringing the welfare system, health services and employers together just shows that we are taking the right steps towards ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to follow their chosen career path.” 


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