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March 2019


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Choosing your perfect wheelchair

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Did you know that 1.9% of the UK are wheelchair users? That’s a LOT of people!

Yet every single person who uses a wheelchair has their own set of needs. Some use a wheelchair because they have paralysis, others missing limbs, others fatigue – and each person needs a wheelchair to meet the differing needs their disability requires! But it doesn’t stop there! What about hobbies? If you like shopping, you’ll need a wheelchair that has a little extra storage – if you like the great outdoors, you’ll need something with steady wheels and a long battery life – and if you’re into sport you’ll need a whole different kind of wheelchair! 

And yet, finding the right wheelchair to suit your needs is so important. A wheelchair gives you mobility – and enables you to live the life you love. It is important that their chair is a good fit and supports your every need! 

But finding the right wheelchair? That can quite literally be a pain in the butt. 

Which is why Naidex has brought together a huge number of wheelchair suppliers – so if you are looking for a new wheelchair, you can guarantee there’ll be something for you at Naidex 

With wheelchair manufacturers who are constantly providing new and innovative technologies to improve the lives of those with a disability, you can find everything at Naidex from off-terrain chairs to sport and daily made to measure wheelchairs! You’re sure to discover something new - and even better? Using the TGA Mobility Test Track you can really put a wheelchair through its paces, and see exactly how it handles!

But even with the perfect wheelchair, getting further afield can still be tricky when the average power wheelchair covers 10-15 miles on a full charge. 

So if you want to go the distance, you really need to consider a vehicle. And not just any vehicle – it’s got to be a WAV. 

Lewis Reed will be at Naidex with four of their WAV’s (wheelchair accessible vehicles) for you to try out, completely wheelchair friendly to help you get around.

Trying before you buy is a really important part of choosing a wheelchair, so a bonus coming to Naidex is that you will be able to try out a vast range of wheelchairs and see some of the latest WAVS to find what you’re really looking for!

Please click here to check out our full list of mobility exhibitors!

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