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From the Egyptian Beach to Meeting Richard Branson: Martyn Sibley's Daring Adventure

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Over a much needed New Years break I was sat on an Egyptian beach in the sunshine. Relaxing in my wheelchair I was reading Richard Branson's new book. I'd been sketching my plans for 2018 too. So it was a good read to inspire my thinking. 

I ended up deciding that the magazine I run, Disability Horizons, needed more ambitious goals. We'd been at 25,000 monthly readers for a while. Finding revenue was difficult with so many other disability magazines out there. Yes. We needed an injection of something new.

So I wrote my goals: 1) be healthy and happy with what I already have 2) maintain my independence with care and equipment 3) see a new country 4) go to a cool concert 5) hit 100,000 in monthly hits AND annual revenue on the magazine 6) meet Richard Branson. 

Now up to May and I'm going well. I'm healthy and happy, plus still maintaining my independence. Despite the winter struggles and constantly fighting for independent living. Travel wise there's a Mindvalley project (personal growth company) in Tallinn Estonia in July. So I booked it and will see that new country. I've also got Arctic monkeys tickets for September, which is definitely a cool concert!

Most importantly I want that 100,000 hits, to know we're supporting more disabled people. And I want that £100,000 to employ a bigger team and grow our impact 10x more next year. We've already gone 15,000 readers to 40,000 people. Plus we're working with more corporate partners than ever before.

That leaves us with meeting Richard Branson! Last week I saw that Virgin Media business are running a competition to win money and to pitch Rich. It's called #voom. So I decided to reach for what is a crazy goal, and apply.

Already 2 days in we've climbed 600 places to 120th. We need a top 40 finish by Tuesday, to get to the semi finals. Then we may, just might, go to the final. Where meeting Richard Branson becomes a reality.

Please can you help us by voting and sharing it? You'll also get to see my wheelchair spinning selfie and accessible hot air ballooning...

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