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Naidex Innovation Award

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As opening day for Naidex draws closer, visitors are eagerly awaiting to see what the show has to in store! One feature in particular that has got people excited are The Naidex Awards, which celebrate the very latest and greatest products available across the care, rehab, and independent living sectors.

The Innovation Award has caught the attention of thousands of our attendees. This award recognises the most innovative concept that has broken new ground and is outstanding from the competition through such factors as design, operation and effectiveness.

Take a quick look at the noteworthy finalists, all of which will be trying to impress the esteemed judging panel to take home this award:

Fingertips (stand 1210)

The creators of the smart relational cushion, VIKTORTM. Soft, warm, flexible, the cushion includes a control panel with simple pictograms dedicated to trigger functions related to the Internet. The functions appear on the TV screen in the bedroom or living room. Videoconferences with grandchildren, outcomes of health care interventions, games, specific programs, online surfing... this smart relational cushion is made according to the needs and daily expectations of the potential beneficiary.

Relync Tech (stand 6090)

Relync create lifestyle choices rather than just functional products. The RELYNC takes inspiration from the legendary race cars of the 1960s, adding a modern twist that makes it look sleek, elegant, and classical but with a futuristic twist that can be seen in both its scooter, and suitcase forms.

Invacare Ltd (stand 13240)

Invacare is the global manufacturer specialising in the design, supply and distribution of innovative mobility and independent living products to help individuals maintain independence and remain mobile. They offer mobility aids for wheelchair individuals with a comprehensive range of power add-ons and active drive solutions.

Sensara (stand 7091)

Sensara is a smart, easy to use lifestyle monitoring system helping the elderly live in their own home as long as possible. Their lifestyle monitoring and alarming system warns caretakers, family and friends when help is needed, without having to press a button. Sensara keeps a friendly eye on the elderly who live alone so their caretakers can still take care of them even when they are not physically present.

Eyesynth (stand 9160)

A clean, noninvasive, comfortable and safe audiovisual system for the blind! It consists of a pair of glasses connected to a microcomputer. The system records the surrounding environment in three dimensions. Then, the collected data is converted into understandable audio for the blind, which allows them to identify the position of objects and obstacles, as well as their size and shape, with unprecedented accuracy.

UPnRIDE Robotics Ltd. (stand 8200)

UPnRIDE is far more than a wheelchair. It is a novel mobility device, which enables wheelchair users to become fully mobile while in a standing position. It can be used in any urban environment, both outdoors and indoors, on slopes and on uneven surfaces. UPnRIDE improves health, enhances self-esteem, replaces costly training devices such as standing frames at home, and reduces the need for medical treatments and physical therapy.

Brownmed, Inc. (stand 13116)

With launch of Intellinetix Wearable Vibration Therapy devices, Brownmed adds to its reputation as a leader in manufacturing products aimed at improving the quality of life for patients. From First Aid to Arthritis Care and Pain Relief, all Brownmed products have a solid medical foundation and all new product design starts with patient comfort in mind. The result is a higher quality product, improved patient compliance and increased overall product efficacy.

Naidex is the only place you can find the products, services and solutions shaping the future of the disability sector. So make sure you free up some time to go and catch a glimpse of these incredible inventions at Birmingham’s NEC on the 25th & 26th April.

Judging the Innovation Award are Julian Wilson, Head of Mobile Innovation at Barclays; Dean Johnson, Head of Innovation at Brandwidth; Kelvin Kirby, CEO at Technology Associates Limited; and Michael Vermeersch, Digital Inclusion Lead at Microsoft. 

The Naidex Innovation Award will take place on stand 10230 at 2:00pm on Thursday 26th April.

There is still time to register for your free tickets to attend! Simply click here.

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