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March 2019


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Enter a world of immersive learning and exploration with Sensory Guru

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Naidex 2018 will see the launch of Sensory Guru’s pioneering new products and mixed access solutions, which aim to enable people of all ages and abilities to access learning, therapy and play in exciting new ways.

Sensory Guru’s latest development, Magic Mirror, provides users with highly engaging, interactive experiences, in the form of educational and therapeutic games, responsive sensory scenes and immersive journeys that are designed to educate, enchant and inspire.

Participants can form part of a band while playing an instrument, pop virtual balloons at a party, or even control 3D characters; such as a gorilla or robot, within the virtual setting. The number of apps and learning applications are vast and can be easily searched for using the Magic Mirror online App Store.

Magic Mirror is being heralded as Sensory Guru’s most accessible system to date, with 10 access methods that can be used to control the system. Configurable input settings allow multiple participants to interact with the content at any one time, through gesture, eyes, switch, speech, sound or touch. This helps to create an inclusive learning environment that offers unparalleled levels of accessibility.

The wall-based interactive projection system also enables participants to control the environment that surrounds them by interacting with the content. For example, travelling through space could trigger the lights around the room to dim. This helps to create a deeper level of immersion and enhances the tangibility of each experience. This level of accessibility, control and personalisation is present in all of Sensory Guru’s products and Sensory Room designs.

Lee Blemings, Sensory Guru’s CEO, will also be exploring the benefits virtual and augmentative reality can provide for people of all abilities, live at Naidex 2018.

You can catch him speaking in Theatre 10 between 14.00-14.30 on Wednesday the 25th and between 11.45-12.15 on Thursday 26th April.

The Sensory Guru team will also be demonstrating the latest assistive technology products on stand 6114 and discussing the latest technical innovations in Sensory Room design. The award-winning Magic Carpet will also be on show for those of you that can’t resist dipping your toe in the interactive fish pond!

The Sensory Guru stand at Naidex 2018 promises to be an eye catching visual display of the latest, inclusive and accessible educational technology – make sure you don’t give it a miss!

Contact for more information and interviews:

Liana Tarling – Marketing and Communications Manager at Sensory Guru / 07584 307608 

You can also come and visit us at stand 6114.

About Sensory Guru:

Sensory Guru Ltd is a dynamic company with a passion for developing exciting and innovative products. Specialising in the design and installation of sensory environments, multi-access software and inclusive learning technology, we deliver solutions that are inclusive, inspiring and at the leading edge of technological development. The Sensory Guru team is comprised of a collection of talented designers, engineers, education specialists and software developers that are committed to making a positive impact on the learning development of people of all ages and abilities. We have hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the UK who will be happy to talk to you about projects they have undertaken with Sensory Guru.

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